Idle Heroes – Mobile Role Game


idle heroes

The game developer positions Idle Heroes as a role-playing game (RPG). In fact, the game is more like an interactive card game. The plot of the game sends us on a fantastic journey to battle with sinister dark forces. Begin to fight, and you will feel how the game process fascinates you. The desire to advance in the tests does not disappear, even when you complete all daily tasks.

The diverse content of the game pleasantly surprised. Arrangements, battles, dungeons, various tasks and improvement of the heroes will not be bored. A huge number of heroes (more than 200) immerses us in the wonderful world of adventure and automatic battles. The game allows you to fight with players from around the world. Capture trophies and earn ranking!

The meaning of the game is to create and develop a set of heroes from which the player forms a group to participate in various tournaments. All heroes have individual properties and can use various artifacts. In the process of developing heroes and collecting resources, you must perform various tasks daily. For example, participate in battles, play casinos, sell and buy game items, create heroes, create farms with resources, help friends, etc.

It is important to note that the creation of a heroic team in the game is time consuming. So do not rush and do not try to spend all the resources and game items at once. On the contrary, save them for monthly tasks for which a large and high-quality reward is offered. Thus, you will not get tired of the game Idle Heroes and will be able to move much faster as the game account develops.

Like any other game, the strategy of Idle Heroes has many tricks and features in the development of a game account. Therefore, before the game, I recommend reading a couple of guides from experienced players. Using the instructions and advice of gamers, will allow you to avoid stupid mistakes in the game, as well as allow you to quickly achieve success in conquering game heights.

Develop your algorithm for sequential actions when performing daily tasks. Not an intentional waste of resources, it can slow down your development. We wish you success in the game, let you get lucky! Much depends on the luck in the game Idle Heroes.